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I need a WHMCS Developer Licence
I need a WHMCS Developers Licence for testing purposes on my server, I need it to test out themes and other stuff when I actually buy WHMCS.
I am only going to be running it on localhost mainly because I do not want other people trying to purchase somehow?
Other than that hopefully it is free because I need it free for the moment so I can do this testing, also I'll need the download. [Image: smile.png]

a developers license would be free, but in order to get one, you already need to have a license direct from WHMCS... catch-22 Smile

therefore, the only legal way to do what you want would be to purchase a license from WHMCS - although ironically, if you do that, then you won't need to get a developers license. :-P

you could buy & try it for 30 days, and if it's not suitable for your needs, contact WHMCS for a refund.

Can't understand. To test Themes and other stuff, means that you must buy them before. How you'll spend money to buy themes and addons, while you haven't decided yet if you'll use WHMCS or not?

Sadly, WHMCS does not have a monthly addon price for the license fees they only have now. I could see the one off prices when they sold owned licenses, but now it's kind of redundant. Maybe WHMCS could consider changing that too. Since they changed the price.

I know it. I had the owned licens, plus projects, plus license manager, plus mobile apps, plus chat and I sold all of them 2years ago for just $250. And now I'm in monthly plan Sad

If you have a server, surely you can afford a month of WHMCS, no?

why would you get rid of an owned license??

they can have my owned license when they can pry it from my cold dead hands.

Or when they "pull a Kayako" and make renewals so expensive and unpalatable that you have no choice.

And when that happens WHMCS will lose clients. Hundreds if not thousands of them.

Kayako committed self-murder in the process as well. You can't-do that if you release a buggy software, unstable and that has nothing but problems. Almost every company I know that used Kayako in the past is not using them anymore. I wonder why...

I stopped using Kayako (unlimited license) a lot of time before they even announced all those changes. Also, I would never consider a software like as a cloud service. There is way too much sensitive business data on the support system. I'm sure a lot of companies can't even use that for compliance reasons.

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