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Full Version: Project Management demo
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I looked but cannot find one - is there a demo of the Project Management addon found at ?
I am looking to purchase an addon to keep track of hour worked on different projects for different customers, but need it to work in an easy manner and will also need to be able to add different tasks to projects such as 'Admin' and 'Development' for which I charge different hourly rates.

A demo of the project management addon can be found here:

Ah brilliant - only just see that this has been updated.

I'll take a look as soon as I can find the username and password

I have had a very quick play with the addon, but it don't seem to do what I am looking for.

Is there a similar addon/feature that will let me enter items into an invoice, but instead of generating an invoice for the user when I enter the data, only have it generate at the end of the month?

At the moment, I keep track of time spent working for a client on a spreadsheet and have to copy from the spreadsheet onto a new invoice on the last day of each month.

If I could have WHMCS automatically generate this invoice for me it would save me a lot of time.

I dont want the client to be able to see the invoice, or its contents, until its generated at the end of the month - kind of like the same way a phone bill is generated each month - you cant see the bill until the end of the month, but the network keep track of all calls and costs throughout the month and their system generates the bill automatically.

Due Date


Client Project

Due 735344 Days Ago

Billable items in whmcs?

Yeah, found a bgug with that also - when I set the due date to empty, because there is no due date, it's an ongoing project, it told me it was due 735344 days ago. Didnt even alert me to say it required a date or not so I dont really to part with that much money for an addon which hasnt been tested fully for things like that - not yet anyway.

I havent ever really used billable items, from the documentation I read on them I never had a use for them - I always just entered items directly into an invoice.

Would billable items do what I want? Because if I remember rightly, they get immediately added to an invoice dont they? So the user would then be able to see the invoice as soon as I add a billable item? I may be wrong though.

No they don't. When you create an item you can choose from the following;

Don't Invoice for Now (and later create an invoice when you want to)

Invoice on Next Cron Run

Add to User's Next Invoice

Invoice as Normal for Due Date

Recur Every X period for Y times

You can also invoice directly from tickets if that is more convenient.

That should work.

How can I have WHMCS automatically create in invoice for a specific client on the last day of each month though since the day will vary between 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st.

Or can I make it generate the invoice on the first of the month and have it add all billable items from the previous month to it? Maybe that would be better.

The demo link is no ,onger works, does anyone have an updated link to see a demo of the project management add on in action?

i'm not aware if there is one... when WHMCS took their demo down (last year I think), the only other live WHMCS demo I was aware of is the Softaculous demo - but the admin side hasn't worked for months (and I don't think it includes the Project Management addon anyway).

I want to see the project management add on though and I'm assuming the Softaculous demo won't have any add-ons active and there isn't a trial version

I can confirm that the 30 day money-back guarantee applies to the project management addon too.

All the information we have on the addon is located at:
If you have any specific questions about functionality, please don't hesitate to ask.