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Dec 3rd Years End With Big Discount Offer

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The Post-PC era is unfolding right as you read this, and these are times when accessing your email is no longer limited to a PC terminal fixed to your desk in office or at home. You want email access on your smartphone, tablet and laptop, as you cycle through them at different points of time on any given day. Your employees will have similar needs ... Read More »

Jul 4th Indian programmers excel

In what is regarded as the 'Olympics' of computer programming,
professionals across the globe, two Indian teams from
 and ,
Hyderabad, have outperformed their predecessors and advanced their rank to number 18 in the final rounds of ACM-ICPC,
an International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Jul 1st And the dot nominees

The highest number of applications came from North America (911), followed by Europe (675), Asia Pacific (303), Latin America (24) and Africa (17). Over the next several months, ICANN will review the applications, and if they meet their criteria, approve them. The process will be a bit more complicated in cases where multiple applicants have ... Read More »

May 7th Investment

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