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E-mail, domain, WHMC and plesk ask
Hi masters,
I need two solutions and I wonder if WHMC will let me do this.
1. I need a solution so that when you register your account you can immediately select a name for your mail account. WHMC + PLESK - will you be able to do something like this?
2. When registering a new domain and new account (WHMC + PLESK) - create a mailbox immediately for the newly registered domain.
Thank you in advance for your replies.

Yes, but it is not something WHMCS does out of the box. You need to create some hook or API in the WHMCS ordering process or after it, which executes the API call on Plesk servers to create the email account.
Customers orders with WHMCS, WHMCS is able to auto provision the Plesk account, this can be done with WHMCS by default. If you take the name in the order cart or you have it hard coded with a fixed name, you then create a hook in WHMCS that automatically executes after the Plesk account was created. This code would basically connect to the Plesk API and create the email account with what ever parameters you passed.
You would need to do some coding or hire a developer but this is definitely possible.

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