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WHMCS For Free Hosting Services?
I would like to offer free hosting on my server and i need some answers-
Can the clients register Subdomains on my main domain?
Can he have the option to choose between His domain, or Subdomain on my domain? How?
I want to disable the option to register a domain, i just need an option for him to use his own domain on the free hosting, or use a subdomain..
Is it possible to offer several domains, so he can choose on which one he want to create his subdomain? how?

Thanks for your interest in WHMCS.

All these options are available to you in the WHMCS software. You can configure which subdomains to offer customers on the orderform on a per-product basis.

If you do not wish to offer domain registration or transfer, the options can be disabled in the General Settings, as can the option to allow customers to use their existing domains:

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