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WHMCS with plesk / whm on 1 licence
Hi guys,
We are looking to swap suppliers for our hosting. Our new supplier servers are linux running WHM/cPanel or Plesk.
WHM does not work for us as you cannot limit email mailbox sizes so we are going for plesk with WHMCS.
What i would like to know is, can WHMCS support both Plesk and WHM/cPanel with 1 licence all in 1 WHMCS login area? Our supplier gives us the option for a little extra £ to provide both control panels to customers but i cant seem to find an answer to this anyway and not keen on having to pay for 2 licences per month

Yes, it can. The server you connect to to provision accounts isn't connected to the license, it's just a matter of if WHMCS supports interacting with it.


I know you can limit it at the customer cPanel level but you cant via WHM that I know off? We have a bunch of email only packages sold to customers and cant move onto WHM when you cant limit the mailboxes. Looks like it was requested about 3 years ago as a feature addon and getting some limelight recently but still who knows when it maybe out.

You may be interested in this:
Free, easy and allows you to manage quite a lot of things on user accounts.
From the makers of CSF firewall, great bit of kit.

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