How to connect Mysql database remotely?

Yes you can access Mysql remotely using any Mysql connectivity Software .

First of all you need to whitelist the IP of the internet from which you want to access MySql

Steps to Whitelist Ip.

1. Login to your cPanel.
2. Click on "Remote MySQL".
3. Under "Add Access Host" add your internet IP.
4. You can check your IP address from sites like

To connect Mysql with Software you need following Details

You need to create a Database and database user using "MySql Databases" option of cpanel and provide user access of Database.
after that you can connect using following Details.

HostName/IP Address: IP Address of your hosting or you can use your Domain Name if nameservers are already propogated with our hosting.
Port: 3306
Username: Database username created by you.
Password: Database user password created by you.

Using these details you will be able to use Database Remotely.

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