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Recommendations to backup storage

So I see there is a forum for backups, but it looks like it's only for these companies to post their ad.

I'd like to see some recommendations from others where we can backup from CPanel FTP (automated) to the backup location.

I'm not sure how much space we need.

I don't want Amazon. I tried to sign up with them before & had nothing but issues with them. [Image: frown.gif]

I was thinking of going the Google Drive route, but that's a last resort.

I did do some searching around before, but ALL of the places I looked into were either way too expensive, or had terrible reviews. We aren't looking to pay $300/month for 500 GB b/c then we could just backup at the hoster for that price.


Quote:You should look at filetruth, they've got very good pricing on storage servers.

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